Small Animal Accommodation

Accommodation Information

All accommodation is securely contained within a specially designed and hygienic unit giving you peace of mind about the security, safety and general welfare of your pets.

Our main room has a number of large, floor based enclosures suitable for small to medium sized rabbits and guinea pigs. These large enclosures can be adapted to our individual guests needs in terms of floor coverings and additional contents.  For our tiniest guests (mice, gerbils, hamsters and rats) you will need bring your pets own accommodation with you, which will be accommodated in our second room.

Rabbit hotel at Kingstone Pet Boarding

As all rabbits are known to be at risk from Myiasis also known as Fly Strike, throughout the year, we strongly recommend that all rabbits have Rearguard or a similar product applied prior to boarding. All of our enclosures are disinfected with Anigene between guests and cleaned daily, with spot cleaning also occurring throughout the day, whilst guests are in our care. We recognise the importance of regular monitoring for evidence of fly strike and other ailments, therefore we will ask you all about your pet’s health history upon arrival, so that we can quickly detect any changes to their health or well being.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday
9.30am until 10.30am
4.30pm until 5.30pm

From October 2024 our evening hours will be 4pm to 5pm

  Sundays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve
9.30am to 10.30am

(closed to the Public on Bank holidays including Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year's Day)

When planning your visit please allow sufficient time to settle your pet into their accommodation and to complete the required documentation within the opening hour.

Please note that we are closed for the following dates

26th October - 12th November 2023

6th to 19th February 2024

7th to 20th October 2024