Pamper Sessions & Gourmet Meals

Relax at the Cat Spa

Book a relaxing Pamper Session for your cat during their stay (includes choice of scented or unscented mousse shampoo, Furminator and / or moulting comb groom (the most effective method will be used determined by your cats hair type and length) outer ear cleaning and eye cleaning:

  • Short Haired Cat - £10.00
  • Long Haired Cat - £15.00

Please note that our Pamper sessions are designed for cats that enjoy being groomed. Please time application of parasite prevention products accordingly, as per product information, if using this service.

Whilst we can often remove small knots from your cats coat…Please note that this is not a de-matting service.

Book a pamper session for your feline friend

In the event that your cat is not comfortable during any of our Pamper sessions, in the interest of your cat’s welfare, we will not proceed / continue with the service and no charge for will be made.

Gourmet Meals

Whether it be to celebrate a birthday or just as an additional treat of dining in style with soft lighting and gentle music.… Our Gourmet meals are a popular choice for many of our guests and are all freshly prepared!!

                                                      Main Menu

Choose any 4 from our main menu options :

  1. Poached Salmon
  2. Poached white fish
  3. Smoked Salmon
  4. Prawns
  5. Freshly cooked chicken

Choose one of our sides

  1.   Cat Milk
  2.    yoghurt style treat               

                                                                  Meals are priced at £6.99 per guest.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday
9.30am until 10.30am
4.30 until 5.30pm

  Sundays,  Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve
9.30am to 10.30am

(closed to the Public on Bank Holidays including Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year's Day)

When planning your visit please allow sufficient time to settle your pet into their accommodation and to complete the required documentation within the opening hour.

Please note that we are closed for the following dates

7th to 20th October 2024